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[VIDEO] Tom Rogan: ‘Perception Abroad of Obama Is That He’s Disengaged’

[VIDEO] Tom Rogan: ‘Perception Abroad of Obama Is That He’s Disengaged’

Also see Tom Rogan’s essay at NRO“Words, Just Words”

“… Policy and rhetoric are effective when deployed together in pursuit of a goal. Yet, for the Obama administration, from the Middle East to Ukraine, American policy exists, rudderless, as pure rhetoric…”

“Whether it’s domestic or foreign policy, Obama has failed to build a…

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225th Anniversary of the First Congress: We’ll be posting documents and stories highlighting the establishment of the new government under the Constitution through March 2016.

On July 27, 1789, the House committee appointed to confer with the Senate to prepare joint rules to be established between both houses relating to the “inrollment, attestation, publication and preservation of the acts of Congress, and to relgulate the mode of presenting addresses, and other acts to the President of the United States” submitted this report to the House. The Senate agreed to the rules on August 6.

Report on rules of enrollment and publication of acts of Congress, Sen 1A-J2, Records of the U.S. Senate

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[VIDEO] Comedy Gold: Liberal Media Panel Blames Ted Cruz, American People for Harry Reids Do-Nothing Leadership

[VIDEO] Comedy Gold: Liberal Media Panel Blames Ted Cruz, American People for Harry Reids Do-Nothing Leadership

At The Corner, Tim Cavanaugh writes: Why has the Senate been unable to pass anything? According to an extraordinary panel of mainstream media personalities, it’s the fault of Republicans, or of the American people.

On a Sunday discussion on NBC’s Meet the Press, host David Gregoryrailed against the “Do-Nothing Congress” and played a…

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At Least There’s That: Buzzenfreude

At Least There’s That: Buzzenfreude

plagNot being a regular follower of Buzzfeed (though it’s hard to avoid their media influence, unfortunately) this almost escaped my attention. It was plagiarism week in the news, this but one of the items in circulation.

From Slate‘s David Weigel:

…The added irony, which is upping the schadenfreude quotient, is that BuzzFeed has cornered a market in hitting politicians for plagiarism. In the fall…

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Does Rape Culture Exist?







Yes, and anyone who doesn’t think so should be viewed with suspicion.

Read the comments here.

Massive numbers of conservatives who believe that women can totally “owe” sex to men… or else cheating and everything else is justified by the men.

This pretty much settles the (false) question.

If you don’t think crime can be a part of culture, then you’re delusional.

Stop with this either/or BS. Culture can make it easier for people to rationalize crimes… that doesn’t make it somehow STOP being a crime, sheesh.

Fortunately, rational people with common sense and no agenda to peddle can see through this language-manipulation nonsense.

So let me get this straight. Rape has existed for pretty much all of human history (and is a crime, just as falsely accusing someone of rape is a crime) yet, oddly, only in the modern west, in the 21st century — arguably the least oppressive, least violent time and place in human history — rape is now a culture, too. "Rape culture". Seriously. 

 Now EVERYBODY is vaguely guilty. My god! It’s ingenious! It’s perfect! 

Or——-could it be that a tiny group of academics, campus activists, and other conformists, looking to assign random guilt and blame to the guiltless and blameless (instead of actual provable criminals and lawbreakers) just in case they might be suspicious rape-culture-promoters, or because of a birth defect (born male) or are maybe indirectly contributing to this newly-minted social problem…you get the idea. Your basic exercise in finger-pointing and behavior-monitoring.

Meanwhile, this new band of language-conformists and behavior monitors are conveniently expanding their own influence—-oh no, wait, could it be that only a few years ago, somebody just…made the phrase up? And promoted it? And people fell for it?

How on earth did we manage back in 2007, or way back in ancient history, back in like, 2003, before “rape culture” existed? And we just had to call rape a crime?

That must have been, like, the dark ages! 

only in the modern west, in the 21st century”

Uh, no. I… why the heck would anyone even believe that, regardless of how they view this issue? 

Rape culture has existed for drastically longer than our current culture.

I think you’re responding to some weird fringe version of this or some kind of weird straw man.

That said, the idea that since someone “invented” the word that the concept couldn’t have been in play before hand is just silly. Words evolve and are invented, but concepts exist outside of words.

"Sexism" as a word didn’t exist 200 years ago. Does that mean that gender-based bigotry didn’t exist? No.

I mean… lol?

"I mean…lol?" isn’t much of a convincing case. 

"Sexism" is something you can accuse someone of, with no actual proof that they violated a policy, or law. Workplace discrimination (or other policies that protect the rights of employees, for example) has substance. Under the right conditions, it can be proven, or disproven, penalized if proven. Which is inconvenient.

Behavior minders prefer language that’s vague, and all-inclusive, so they can accuse anyone that offends them. 

This is the same kind of revisionist-language-manipulating backward liberal thinking that created the myth that a ‘climate of hate” in Dallas killed JFK. And to this day tries to argue that ‘right-wing hysteria’ is responsible for the assassination. That this ‘hate climate’ was contagious! (i.e. “rape culture) Like a vague assassination wish that floated around in the air, infecting people who were in that murderous hate cloud, hovering over Dallas that day. A hate cloud. Not a person. A “culture”. 

It’s collectivist bullshit. A person with a gun killed JFK. A lunatic Marxist, no less. A communist. About as far from ‘right wing’ as you can get. A detail of history that’s inconvenient to activists and academics that have a narrative they want to maintain. 

So instead of a sentient, autonomous human individual with a deadly weapon being responsible for the assassination, for the crime of murder, it can now be blamed on a “climate’, or a ‘culture’, that existed in Dallas, at the time. The culture is guilty. Left-wing wishful thinking, at its most repugnant. 

Some academics, historians, and cultural observers went further. They claimed that “America” was guilty of murdering the president. Then 300 million people are guilty, instead of just a gunman. 

See how that works? 

Uh, no. I… why the heck would anyone even believe that, regardless of how they view this issue?”

That makes no sense. In order to mount a rational argument, it’ll require more than incoherent mumblings, about ‘why the heck would anyone believe that?’ Just because you prefer not to, don’t assume fellow readers feel likewise. You might be surprised to find that most don’t agree with your impression. 

The thing is, it’s pretty hard to find anyone who doesn’t ALREADY AGREE that rape is bad.

So activists have to go to the next level: invent an excuse to monitor behavior they find suspicious or offensive. As if we need MORE of that on campuses, not less?

It’s also hard to find anyone who doesn’t already agree that attitudes that make sexually-abusive behavior permissible, or excusable, are ALSO BAD. This isn’t news. It’s an argument with no one disagreeing.

Coining a new name for it has no measurable effect on anything (other than inspiring pointless arguments like this) Did giving it a new name protect victims from abusers? Or did it just empower one group of people to judge the behavior of another group of people? 

Before the culture-minders claimed it to be ‘an important social issue of our time’, it was already obvious to anyone—other than the small percentage who act on violent or abusive impulses, and would do that, either way.

it’s not a unique product of our time. Rape is no more, or no less, important of an issue new than it was ten years ago. Or twenty years ago. But ah, now they have a new name for it. That makes everything different, right? 

But let’s pretend for a moment that (a phrase made up a few years ago, with arguable merit) “rape culture” is a legitimate recognition of ‘an important issue we should address’. Through ‘correct training’, and behavior modification, by the campus behavior-minders, lecturers, and reformers, victims can be protected. It’s all a matter of cultural and social awareness, and training. 

(A defensive weapon, like a handgun in the purse, with a concealed weapons permit, offers far better protection for the weak against a stronger person with criminal intent. Or defense training involving non-lethal methods. This provably works more reliably than feminist lecturing, a whistle, or peeing on an attacker. But that’s another story)

Is there any proof that their efforts at social policing and lecturing and behavior monitoring works? Prevents crimes? Prevents rapes? That the dangerous behavior of criminally-minded young males are influenced, and there are results to show for these efforts? 

Again, its perfect. Because its impossible to prove either way. Anyone is guilty that is accused of being guilty. Why? Because, reasons. That’s why. 

Changing the definition of rape to include “any behavior I find disagreeable, suspicious, or offensive’ is a recipe for abuse. A license to violate civil rights, subvert due process, erode equal protection under the law.

(note: male students wrongly accused of ‘date rape’ are winning lawsuits against their accusers. Which should be a clue that campus policies are creating new problems, rather than solving old ones)

Rape is bad. Attitudes that make sexually-abusive behavior permissible, or excusable, are bad. No one disagrees. And none of this is news. 


By Design: Progressives Learn the Hard Way that the Constitution is Obstructionist

By Design: Progressives Learn the Hard Way that the Constitution is Obstructionist


For The Washington Post, Charles Lane writes: President Obama’s plan to transform the U.S. health-care market is once again in trouble. This time, two Republican-appointed judges on a federal appeals court have invalidated a key portion of the program.

In other words, the U.S. constitutional system is functioning normally.

“Progressives are in deep denial…the Constitution is designed to inhibit…

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